STORM™ (Strategic Tracking of Recovery Material) was conceived and developed by construction, transportation, and software industry veterans. The STORM™ development and management team has extensive knowledge and experience in: debris tracking, trucking, quarry and landfill, and scale software systems. We have successfully employed specific technologies like RFID, smart cards and barcodes in “real world” field deployed projects. To date, the STORM system has processed over one million load tickets, representing over 37 million cubic yards of debris. The system has successfully processed over one million white goods, and over 7 million man- hours and equipment hours.

Based upon our experience using STORM™ within various industry groups and Scopes of Work (SOWs), we are uniquely qualified to advise clients on the selection of the appropriate technology to best serve their unique needs. Other IT companies and software developers simply can’t leverage the specialized knowledge and years of experience as STORM™ can do. When you choose STORM™ for debris and truck ticketing, you are engaging the cumulative power of STORM’™s knowledgeable, experienced industry veterans in your work!